02030405 July 2019
Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 10.30
Bottega degli apocrifi


by Cosimo Severo and Stefania Marrone
direction, lights and set design by Cosimo Severo
with Alessandra Ardito, Celestino Telera, Michele Telera, Fabio Trimigno
music arrangements from Tchaikovsky by Fabio Trimigno

Ages: 5 yo
Duration: 55 min

How do we enter a magical world? How do we get out? How do I know when a dream is actually over? Marie is at a great risk: being trapped in the world of dreams, in the eternal youth so inviting, but preventing her from growing up to see the real world. At the end of this journey we are perhapos left with an answer: to make dreams come true, it is important to wake up!

Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 17.00
Teatri di Bari


by Damiano Nirchio
directed by Damiano Nirchio
with Monica Contini, Raffaele Scarimboli  
a project by Senza Piume Teatro

Ages: 6 yo
Duration: 1 hour + 5 min

At one end, a small soul who simply doesn’t want to come out into the world, fearing the “ahia!” (“ouch!”) that she might stumble upon; at the other end, the Director of the Birth Office trying his best to convince her in getting “out”. A show telling of the joys in life, leading to realize that maybe without those uncomfortable “ouches!” – just like in the fairy tales – it wouldn’t be possible to achieve any kind of happiness.

Napoli  - Palazzo Reale – Cortile delle Carrozze - at 21.00


by Raffaella Giancipoli
directed by Raffaella Giancipoli
with Livio Berardi, Rossana Farinati, Annabella Tedone
set design by Bruno Soriato
video-animations by Beatrice Mazzone
light design by Tea Primiterra

Ages: 7 - 12 yo
Duration: 55 min

In the castle there is a man with a long blue beard, then a young bride, a sister, a mother, two brothers and a maze of hallways, doors and stairs all waiting to be discovered. An adventurous journey deep inside curiosity, allowing the audience to challenge fears and telling us how sometimes disobedience may be an important passage in becoming adults.