02030405 July 2019
Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 10.30


a musical/comical opera for puppets on the music by gioacchino rossini
by Paolo Comentale
directed by Paolo Comentale
with Paolo Comentale and Giacomo Dimase
puppets and stage objects by Natale Panaro
set design Bruno Soriato

Ages: 6 - 10 yo
Duration: 50 min

An original comic/musical play based on the music by Gioacchino Rossini. PulciLele is a show on figure-theatre (puppetry), telling three stories, among which is the one of Pulcinella, main protagonist, for whom the Maestro Luzzati designed the puppets. A story on love, power and war… ending with a very poetic (but wordless) short story.

Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 17.00
Ass. cult. Tra il Dire e il Fare / La luna nel letto


drama, direction, set design and lights by Michelangelo Campanale
with Claudia Cavalli, Erica Di Carlo, Francesco Lacatena, Marco Curci, Roberto Vitelli
choreographies by Vito Cassano
costumes by Maria Pascale

Ages: 6 yo
Duration: 50 min

A wolf gets ready to hunt. Any animal of the woods will do; what’s important is to calm down the hunger. But his favourite prey is Little Red Riding Hood. This is how the story goes, since always. In the show we like to call life, he would not only be a wolf, but THE WOLF, who never wins… But also never dies.

Napoli  - Palazzo Reale – Cortile delle Carrozze - ore 21.00
Ass. Cult. Inti

On wild nature

by Francesco Niccolini
freely inspired by the novels and life of Jack London
directed by Francesco Niccolini e Luigi D’elia
with Luigi D’elia
wolves and set design by Luigi D’elia

Ages: 8 - 14 yo
Duration: 1 hour

A show seen from the eyes of a wolf, from when he was a little cub to the confrontation – for the first time in his life – of experiences dealing with life, death, night, mankind… up to a weird and mysterious encounter: a strange howl, in the middle of the night. A tribute to Jack London, to wolves, and to the Great North… and to the acient and timeless childhoods of the world.