02030405 July 2019
Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 9.30 and 10.30
Ass. Cult. QuaLiBò - Visioni di (p)Arte


by and with Maristella Tanzi e Francesca Giglio

Ages:  2 – 5 yo
Duration: 30 min 
Riserved for a maximum number of 20 audience members

A small tale of discoveries, told through a simple style, both ironic and poetic. Tutina is a young explorer of the world. The deer is on the lookout, surveying the area and sensing the air… The show tells of the natural inclination of children towards adventures and explorations, of the trust and opening towards encounters. 

Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 17.00


set design, lights, script and direction by Michelangelo Campanale
with Catia Caramia, Maria Pascale, Luigi Tagliente
costumes by Maria Pascale

Ages: 6 yo
Duration: 55 min

The last of the seven dwarves becomes the witness of a brave girl’s arrival; she prefers the protection of the woods, unknown to her, to the well-known yet disapproving presence of her mother. A mother/stepmother, burning with envy for the beauty of a daughter that is naturally blooming in life. Every child knows this tale, but this show aims at bringing them, hand in hand, “behind the scenes” of the story.

Napoli  - Palazzo Reale – Cortile delle Carrozze - at 21.00
Teatro Koreja


from an idea by Enzo Toma and Silvia Ricciardelli
Direction, costumes and drama by Enzo Toma
with Emanuela Pisicchio, Anđelka Vulić, Fabio Zullino
set design and lights by Lucio Diana

Ages: 8 yo
Duration: 1 hour

A show on feelings; an attempt to tell about its relationship with emotions and the body that are constantly changing. A pile of old rags becomes, thanks to the actors, veils, balloons, gloves, bellies and even dolls/puppets that take on the ‘strong’ feelings… such as tenderness, the memory and ways to deal with loss.