02030405July 2019
Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 10.30
Sosta Palmizi / I nuovi scalzi


by Giorgio Rossi, Savino Italiano, Olga Mascolo, Anna Moscatelli choreography ideation and direction by Giorgio Rossi witn Olga Mascolo, Savino Italiano, Anna Moscatelli Light design by Andrea Margarolo Stage elements / props Bruno Soriato

Ages 4 – 10 yo Duration: 50 min
A fantastic and playfull voyage taking-off from planet Earth and reaching for the stars. After years of studies, professor Radar wakes up one day inside that long-time dream of his: together with professors Bussola and Calamita, they start-up an incredible invention in search of a place similar to Earth. Through this voyage we are given the opportunity to be a part of the Constellation dance.
Napoli  - Teatro Nuovo - at 17.00
Ass. cult. Factory Compagnia Transadriatica


by Tonio De Nitto directed by Tonio De Nitto with Ilaria Carlucci, Francesca De Pasquale, Luca Pastore, Fabio Tinella Original score / music Paolo Coletta Collaborations to the choreographic movement Annamaria De Filippi Luci Davide Arsenio Costumes by Lapi Lou Set design by Roberta Dori Puddu

Ages 7 yo Duration: 55 min
The show brings together theatre and dance, starting from one of Andersen’s childhood classics. The fairy tale is a perfect occasion to tell the story reported in young swan’s diary, who believes to be a duckling. He passes many stages of life and starts a journey in search of himself and of his place in the world; a journey in the discovery of diversity, seen as a precious qualifying element.
Palazzo Reale – Cortile delle Carrozze - at 21.00
Compagnia del Sole


by Flavio Alabanese directed by Flavio Albanese with Flavio Alabanese, Loris Leoci, Stella Addario artistic collaboration by Marinella Anaclerio

Ages: 8 yo Duration: 1 hour
Flavio Albanese is embarking on a journey in the world of Ulysses, inviting young audiences to take part and “enter” the Odyssey. In the imagery he portrays, inhabited by Gods and heroes, magical creatures, the protagonist of the show are words: together with the amazement of the shadow figures, the works of the great set designer Emanuele Luzzati.