Puglia Showcase is the Apulian theatre and dance showcase format. It was designed to promote artistic exchanges in the theatre sector and to open up the doors of Apulian theatre and choreographic production to the national and international scene. The 2019 edition, in its KIDS version, is a special section of the Napoli Teatro Festival, with shows and highlights for children and families.

Puglia Showcase Kids 2019, from 2 to 5 July, in the Cortile delle Carrozze of the Palazzo Reale and at the Teatro Nuovo

four days, twelve theater and contemporary dance shows in a special section entirely devoted to Puglia with a national and international perspective, B2B meetings and a Forum for theater professionals on the state of the Italian kids' theater, organized in collaboration with ARTI (Associazione delle Reti Teatrali Italiane). An opportunity to learn about the most significant productions of the Puglia theater for young generations, a scene that is experiencing a particularly vibrant and lively phase, as demonstrated by the many awards obtained in recent years.

Puglia Showcase Kids 2019 is a project of the Puglia Region, designed and implemented by Teatro Pubblico Pugliese, funded under the CFS 2014-2020 "Actions for the protection and enhancement of cultural heritage and for the promotion of intangible heritage", Project “Development and Internationalization of the Cultural and Creative Industry of Live Performing Arts” - Teatro Danza.

In the Giardino Romantico of the Palazzo Reale, inside the Dopofestival, every evening will be spent entertaining guests and the public, Puglia Village is a not-to-be-missed event: aperitifs with the best of Puglia's food and wine (wines, artisanal beers, street food) together with concerts by musicians from Puglia and showcooking, organized with the support of the Department of Agriculture of the Puglia Region and of Puglia Promozione.

Since 2012, in previous editions in Puglia and Rome, Puglia Showcase has been hosting over 100 productions from Puglia and operators from around the world. It has been announced that the 2020 edition of this project will take place at the Piccolo Teatro in Milan.