Giardino Romantico – Palazzo Reale

2-5 July – Giardino Romantico – Palazzo Reale
Aperitifs with the best of Apulian food and wine and concerts by musicians from Puglia with the support of the Department of Agriculture of the Puglia Region.

The concerts at Puglia Village start at 10.30 p.m., access to the area is allowed from 7.00 p.m., opening hours of the coffee shop.

with the support of


2 july h 10.30 p.m.

Cesare Dell'Anna and Opa Cupa

Cesare Dell'Anna, trumpet
Irene Lungo, voice
Ekland Hasa, keyboards
Stefano Valenzano, bass
Giuseppe Oliveto, trombone
Antonio De Marianis, drums
Andrea Doremi, tuba
Emanuele Calvosa, trumpet
Luigi Grande, keyboards

"Baluardo" is the fourth album by Opa Cupa, in which Cesare Dell'Anna mixes learned imagery and popular expressions. Their sound is bold and contemptuous of danger. The result is a journey that cannot be recounted, you have to be taken on a journey that you face barefoot despite under your feet there is the rubble of Eastern Europe, while sometimes a wind blows from Maghreb and sometimes a sea breeze comes from the Salento. "Baluardo" is the story of a strange legal misunderstanding and of a cathedral in the desert, the broken dreams and the unfulfilled promises that make the trumpet, depicted on the cover by Marcello Moscara, no longer so free to play and give emotions. " Baluardo" is the policy that first unravels...and then unravels.

3 july h 10.30 p.m.


Dominique Antonacci (vocals, tambourine, percussion, kick, cajon, snare)
Giuseppe De Santo (vocals, guitar)
Anna Rita Di Leo ( vocals and tambourine)
stefano Pepe ( bidon bass)
Gentle Vito (accordion)
Carlo Porfido (violin)
Antonio De Santo ( vocals and tambourines)
Nico Vignola (mandolin).
Caterina Totaro (Dancer)
Miriana Gentile (Dancer)
Ornella Horse (Dancer)

The "Terraross" project aims to rediscover and enhance the culture of the past. They give voice and music to their forefathers' history and deeds.
Scenes of daily life, the indistinct noises of people talking on the streets, the toil of hard work in the fields, the cry of struggles and revolutions. Then there is the song of love, the poetry and charm now lost of the ancient serenades!
"Dance and never get tired" is their motto, because " Only one is time, only one is the rhythm that takes us back from the beat of life to the beat of the earth. The music on stage will smell like the South with its olive groves, vineyards and tobacco plantations.

4 july h 07.30 p.m.


Cooking workshop for children aged 5 to 10 years and parents
Organised by Tenuta Melofioccolo

Free admission with mandatory reservation
Info and reservations:+39.351.1447773

4 july h 08.00 p.m.


Conducted by Teresa Satalino

The Apulian Youth Chamber Orchestra, is a chamber orchestra derived from AYSO, Apulian Youth Symphony Orchestra, a youth orchestra composed of musicians aged between 13 and 25 from all the music schools in Puglia. Over the last few months, the group has hosted internationally renowned musicians such as Nir Kabaretti, former assistant to Zubin Mehta at the Maggio Musicale Fiorentino and currently musical director of the Santa Barbara Symphony in California. The young musicians have had the opportunity to perform with some of the soloists of the Carl Orff International Festival in addition to having the chance to attend an orchestral training academy, OrchestrAcademy, and work with musicians who are members of the orchestra of the Fondazione del Teatro Petruzzelli in Bari. AYSO have been invited to participate in the International Festival held annually at the Walton Foundation in the Giardini della Mortella in Ischia. They will also open the Italian Brass Week in Florence on July 21. Finally, on July 25, AYSO will participate in the International Festival of Youth Orchestras, performing in Piazza della Signoria with the New York Chamber Orchestra.

4 july h 10.30 p.m.

Soul-sounding Puglia show-cooking

with Nick Difino and Tuppi B dj

Eating is also and above all a social act, and as with all social affairs, we are called upon to recount a story as well as to create it. For a story to be created, you need at least three elements: a place, a timeframe and a character. To prepare this dish you need three ingredients, in this case: potatoes, rice and mussels.
Tielle, Tiane and Altre Storie Pugliesi is a survey of the most iconic dishes in the history of Puglia. The backbone is represented by the "tiane" and more precisely by Rice, Potatoes and Mussels as a symbol of diversity and migration of goods and knowledge. A dish of profound musicality, a soul music dish made of three musical elements, just as three are the ingredients of the dish and three are the elements for creating a story: a "country" basis that moving towards the city becomes blues music and tells the suffering of the countryside, carries within itself a strong smell of the rebellious rock of metropolitan guitars, and everything is smoothed by the elegant curves of street jazz, always out of the beat, out of place and out of time. Unpredictable. Tiella is the "James Brown" of everyday cooking. The story cooked by Nicola Difino will be accompanied by the turntable of Tuppi B, a well-known dj from Puglia who will act as a soul and funk soundtrack to the words of Nick blending the different mix of his storytelling.

5 july h 10.30 p.m.


Riccardo Laganà - tambourine, vocals
Luca Buccarella - organetto (diatonic button accordion), harmonica, vocals
Massimiliano De Marco - classical and electric guitar, bouzuki, calabrian lyre, vocals
Federico Laganà - tambourines, calebasse, cajon, Roland hpd15, korg Wavedrum global, glockenspiel, tank drum, vocals
Riccardo Basile - electric bass, synth bass, vocals
Aldo Iezza - bagpipe, shawm, electroneddas, xaphoon, vocals

Six friends from the most remote Salento, grown up together playing and singing since childhood the melodies and hypnotic rhythms of the magical ritual of Taranta, reinvent the tradition with a mix obtained by mixing electronic and lysergic beats with original melodies and folk atmospheres of their origins. The latest album produced is "K" (2018), in which the Salento dialect, English and Griko create an imaginary bridge between Apulian music and the international scene. The live set of Kalàscima is vigorous and powerful and combines traditional and rare instruments with modern ones for a completely original sound, which, while remaining tied to tradition, has an international, contemporary and urban flavour. It is the ancient that meets the modern with new striking results.